About Us

The Medulawi foundation is led by Jojanneke Heidema (Chair), Janneke van der Kamp (Treasurer) and Merel van Loon (Secretary). Both Jojanneke and Merel have worked on the pediatric ward of one of hospitals in Malawi and have hence experienced the shortage of medical personnel. When Janneke visited Jojanneke in Malawi in 2008, they were confronted with a 14-year-old girl asking them to fund her high-school fees as her family couldn't. The combination of these experiences sparked the idea of forming a foundation to structurally support secondary education and medical staff in this beautiful but poor country.

To ensure reliable and strong local support for our goals, we are collaborating with 2 other foundations that have similar objectives to ours; the Nchima Trust based in the UK (www.nchimatrust.org), and Passo Fundo based in Germany (www.passofundo.de). Together with them, we 'employ' 4 passionate local volunteers — Rosena, Frank, James and Diekens — who next to their paid day jobs, spend several days a month selecting and supporting the adolescents and young adults that we fund education for.