High school

38 children are currently being sponsored by Medulawi to attend high school. Some of them are going to school in Thyolo, and others in Luchenza. All children are being selected and followed-up by our team in Malawi: Jeannie, Rosena and Frank. The headmasters of the 2 schools are pre-selecting children on the basis of their motivation and commitment as well as the risk of them dropping out of school due to lack of funding. Rosena and Jeannie are interviewing the pre-selected children, and also pay a surprise-visit to their village to verify the stories. Once they have been selected, the children are being visited by our volunteers once every quarter to monitor their progress.

We have specifically chosen 2 boarding schools, as a boarding school holds the guarantee that the children indeed come to school, and are not being kept at home to work. The total costs for a year of schooling, including school fees, books and uniform, are around EUR 250 per child. Both schools have excellent success rates; 87% and 79% for Thyolo and Luchenza respectively. They are being run by highly motivated headmasters who do their very best to offer high quality schooling with limited financial means. In 2013, 8 Medulawi students graduated successfully.

This is Justin Mwake, one of our sponsored children. He is deaf, which complicates his situation. Thanks to his perseverance and hard work, he has managed to pass all his exams so far, and is currently in 4th grade. He would like to become a Doctor or accountant.


Teacher Training College

Medulawi is sponsoring 3 children/young adults who want to become teachers themselves. All 3 of them are attending the 2.5 year training at DAPP (Development Aid from People to People) Teacher Training College. DAPP is a non-governmental organization that founded Teacher Training Colleges in Malawi as well as some surrounding countries. DAPP colleges are very well organized. When they have completed their training, the students will become primary school teachers in rural areas. As most of them are originally from rural areas themselves, they are in general very motivated to go back. On top of their education as teacher, the students are also raised to become ‘community developers’ – a kind of local councilor.

Most students go through a significant personal growth during this education, as they transform from an often disadvantaged child (orphan, from a poor rural area) in two-and-a-half years to a person with a responsible and important societal position. The College realizes very well what a huge change this is, and supports the students on this journey.

There are 2 main reasons why we have chosen to sponsor students for this specific higher education: First of all these students will become primary school teachers in rural areas where there is a huge need for teachers and hence elevate the level of education in these areas. Secondly, it is guaranteed that these students will find a job, which often lifts their whole family above the poverty line.

This is Eliya David. We sponsored his high school, from which he graduated with high marks. Following a number of conversations with our local volunteers, he decided that he wanted to become a teacher. Based on his strong motivation and good results, we decided to also sponsor him for the DAPP teacher training college. He started college in June 2011 and will graduate in 2014.




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